Call For Papers

The editorial team at Journal of English, Literature and Linguistics (JELLL) invites scholarly research papers for its first issue coming out in February 2019. The journal has been launched with a specific aim and that is to promote discuss and critique the English pedagogy as done in Pakistan and anywhere else in the world. It is also a forum to suggest new ways of teaching the English language literature and linguistics. English being an international language holds immense importance and its teaching and learning assume an added significance when viewed in the scenario of Pakistan- home to more than 60 languages. The purview of JELLL is very vast. It covers all aspects related to the teaching and learning of English at ALL levels. A misnomer English pedagogy is generally taken to mean only the teaching of the English language – its grammar or pronunciation. The teaching and learning of English takes into account all literatures written in English as well as Applied Linguistics having an English bias and as such are of interest to the editorial team of JELL. Here is a list of possible areas that could be further explored. By no means the list is exhaustible.

  1. Latest approaches focusing on the methodology in the teaching of English as a first or a second language.
  2. Teaching of English literature be it Pakistani or foreign.
  3. Theoretical developments in the teaching of the English language and literature.
  4. Teaching of English viewed from different perspectives viz students teachers researchers parents or employers.
  5. Teaching of English done at different levels.
  6. Teaching of English done in different areas of the country as well under different educational systems viz British; Pakistani and Madrassah.
  7. Technological advancements in the above-mentioned field.
  8. Teaching of English related to various social cultural issues in Pakistan.

Research sent to JELLL should fulfill international criteria in terms its validity and reliability. A clear hypothesis or/ and research questions literature review analyses and recommendations make every research worthwhile. Action research descriptive research exploratory or explanatory all are welcome as long as they shed light on English pedagogy. We are looking forward to receiving papers from the enthusiastic researchers who want to make a difference and leave a mark in the English world that is uniquely theirs. The papers shall undergo a rigorous process of criterion selection by the editorial team. The selected papers shall then be double peer reviewed one by an international reviewer and the other local. Papers read at conferences published anywhere else or even submitted for publication will not be entertained. Any paper based on a contributor’s thesis must acknowledge the fact and provide relevant proof if need be.