Editorial/Review Board

The manuscripts will be blind reviewed by the members of the Editorial Board of JELL. They should not contain any clue to the authors’ identity. The names of authors, and affiliation should be given on the cover page. Papers submitted to the journal are in the first place processed through TURNITIN and then pre-reviewed by the editorial staff. Thereafter, they are submitted to foreign and local (Pakistani) reviewers without disclosing the authors’ identities. Consequent upon the review process, JELL communicates the comments/recommendations regarding the submissions. Generally, the reviewers may accept (with or without minor/changes), or reject a paper on justifiable grounds. The authors may then proceed with needful revision/changes (if applicable) and sign the copyright agreement with JELL before their papers are finally accepted for publication.

Editor in Chief                                Dr. Muhammad Umar Farooq

Editor                                                  Dr. Saira Maqbool

Advisory Board                          

                                                               Dr. Ajmal Gulzar

                                                                Dr. Shamim Ali

                                                                Dr. Mohammad Kamal

                                                                Ms. Rashida Imaran

                                                                Ms. Lubna Umar

International Members


Dean/Associate Professor, Department of TEFL, Penang University, Malaysia, samalik@usm.my

Dr. Nandini Bhattacharia

Professor, Department of English, Taxas A & M University, USA, nandininbhattac@gmail.com

Simon Combe

Associate Professor, Changchun University of Science & Technology, China, Email:

Colum Foley

Chairman Postgraduate studies, Open education unit, National institute of digital learning, University of Dublin, Ireland, Colum.foley@dcu.ie

Dr. Tony Bates,
Tony Bates Associates Ltd., Vancouver, B.C., Canada V6K 2B7, tony.bates@ubc.ca

Prof. Tony Dodds (Retired)

England, tonydodds2001@hotmail.com

Professor Dato’ Dr Ho Sinn Chye (Rector)

Wawasan Open University, Malaysia, scho@wou.edu.my

Dr. Liew Teik Kooi (Andy)

Wawasan Open University, Malaysia, andyliew@wou.edu.my

Dr. Susan D. Moisey

Associate Professor, Distance Education, Athabasca University, Philippine, PhD (Educational Psychology), University of Alberta , susanh@athabascau.ca

Dr. Wang Jingzheng

Associate Professor, Department of English, Yunnan Open university,, Kunming, China, 1186376840@qq.com

National Members

  1. Dr Fauzia Shamim
  2. Dr Mamuna Ghani
  3. Dr Muhammad Saeed Akhter
  4. Dr Munazah Yaqub
  5. Dr Nadeem Bukhari
  6. Dr Rafiq Memon
  7. Dr Safeer Shakaib
  8. Dr Sarwet Rasul
  9. Dr Waseem Anwer

10. Dr Waseema Shehzad